Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Fine-Tuned Gift of Speech

The gift of speech has been given to us with its hundreds or perhaps thousands of fine-tuned necessary features. Bruce Malone details some of these special components:

1. A deep throat as compared to an ape’s shallow throat. A deep throat allows a great variety [50] of sound to be produced.

2. Fine muscle control of the vocal tract. Humans have over 100 muscles to control the vocal chords and tract while apes have far fewer muscles.

3. Uniquely agile tongue and lips. Humans can shape many sounds because of their agile tongues and lips. Apes do not have fine control of their lips and tongue, thereby limiting their range of sounds.

4. Language center in the brain. Humans have areas in their brains dedicated to processing language; apes do not. (Inspired Evidence)

Without the mental components, the morphological equipment would prove useless. Everything has to be completely synchronized for speech to be functional and adaptive.

Speech has also given us a great survival advantage over the other primates. This seems to suggest that if speech had evolved slowly, we should be able to find various primates which had also evolved a far more advanced form of speech – missing links between humans and apes. These “missing links” would surely have been able to out-compete our present crop of apes. This is what evolution would have predicted.

Instead, we find a humanity separated from the family of apes in many significant ways, thereby suggesting design, rather than lineal descent.

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