Thursday, December 3, 2015


There are many weighty proofs for the existence and character of God. This is just one of the many:

  1. The laws of physics are immutable, universal, and elegant.
  1. ID (supernaturalism) is a better explanation for these observations than is naturalism.
  1. An Intelligent Designer must exist.

PREMISE #1  The laws of physics are immutable, universal, and elegant.

THE LAWS OF PHYSICS ARE IMMUTABLE. This should be obvious. If they were in flux, any scientific conclusion or description would be impossible, along with replication of findings. Textbooks would have to be changed every so often. Predictions could not be made. Any form of science would be impossible.

THE LAWS OF PHYSICS ARE UNIVERSAL. This too should be obvious. It is only because they are universal can we say anything about other galaxies, planets, stars, light, or anything else within the domain of science. Universality also ensures that the findings in China would match those in California.

THE LAWS OF PHYSICS ARE ELEGANT. This is equally obvious. Just observe their elegance and simplicity:

Many such formula’s exist. Perhaps the most famous is E=MC2. Notice how the speed of light must be precisely squared. Without such elegance and simplicity, science laws would have been undiscoverable and incomprehensible.

PREMISE #2  ID (supernaturalism) is a better explanation for these observations than is naturalism.

IMMUTABILITY. In a universe of molecules-in-motion, it is hard or impossible to account for the unchanging-ness and origin of these laws. Explosions (the Big Bang) do not create laws, let alone immutability. It is therefore more likely that these laws have a Transcendent origin in the Mind of God. This immutable Mind can account for immutable laws and their stability in the midst of change. They affect everything, but nothing affects them.

UNIVERSALITY. Causation within our universe is all localized. The further that we travel away from a radio station, the weaker the signal and reception. The further away from a bonfire, the less the warmth. However, the laws of physics operate uniformly (universally) throughout the universe. It is easier to account for this phenomenon supernaturally and naturally.

ELEGANCE. There is absolutely no natural mechanism that can account for the elegant design of the laws of physics. Explosions do not create immutable elegance.

Of course, it can be argued that presently we are simply unaware of natural forces that might account for these laws. While this is true, such pleading faces major obstacles:

  1. There is absolutely no evidence that anything happens because of natural, undesigned laws.
  1. Postulating a collection of natural laws is less parsimonious that postulating one God.
  1. Even if a natural mechanism could be identified that creates and maintains natural laws, it too would require its own explanation or causes. However, this leads to the problem of an infinite regress.
  1. Causes are always greater than their effects. If a cause is less than its effects, then it means that some aspects of the effect are uncaused – a science stopper. An intelligent and eternal Designer/Creator is greater than any series of mindless causes. Therefore, ID can better account for phenomena like the laws of physics, the fine-tuning of the universe, life, intelligence, and consciousness.

CONCLUSION: An intelligent Designer most probably exists.

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