Friday, November 6, 2009


If you do feel this way, it might not be your imagination. PBS and the evolution establishment have just launched a new series entitled, “Becoming Human.” Predictably, it’s about how we humans emerged from our ape-like relatives over the last millions of years, and you’ve seen it all before – many times!

Don’t expect to hear any counter-evidence or an opposing word . You might ask, “How can they get away with such blatant censorship? How is it they are allowed to exercise such thought control through their dictatorial monopoly?” Rather than trying to explain this puzzling phenomenon, let me just refer you to Ben Stein’s video, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.”

I’d rather discuss whether or not they make a convincing case with the various skull fragments that they have assembled into a line in an attempt to prove common descent. I have my students place ten random dots on the board and demonstrate that, even though they are random, I can connect them in an infinite number of ways to produce an infinite number of patterns, none of which actually has any reality inherent to those random dots. I created the pattern!

This thought experiment can be expanded by asking the students to place several hundred random dots on the board. If I were an artist, I could draw any image that I so desired by using selected dots and drawing lines through them.

What does this have to do with “common descent?” Everything in the world! If patterns can be created where there were no patterns, then a case for the pattern of “common descent” can easily be created where there is none!

Add to this the fact that masses of money and manpower are being committed for the purpose of proving and expanding the theory of evolution and also for promoting it to a skeptical public. (If you have any doubt about this, just listen to the evolutionists strategizing among themselves!) Consequently, they are unearthing tons of “findings,” many of which can conveniently be overlooked if they don’t fit into the portrait that evolution is trying to draw.

These tons of findings are like thousands of dots on the board which can be connected in an infinite number of ways to produce whatever portrait you so desire, as long as you are selective about the dots you use.

According to scientist Bruce Malone, this is just what the evolution establishment is doing:

“The strongest evidence that these fossil finds have been misinterpreted is the fact that erectus-type [extinct upright apes] skulls (closely related to modern human skull) have been found in the same rock layers as australopithecines (Lucy) [which are supposed to pre-date erectus-types], while other homo erectus skulls have been found right up to contemporary times, along with modern man.” (Censored Science: The Suppressed Evidence, 27)

If this is the case, Darwinists shouldn’t designate homo-erectus as a missing link between humankind and the proto-apes. It can’t be a link if it had been the same all along. However, if you leave out some of the dots, you can make homo-erectus look like our ancester. Malone continues,

“Whenever human activity, artifacts, or fossils are found deep in rock layers where they shouldn’t be, the evidence is classified as “non-human.” Fully human footprints have been found in the same rock layers as Lucy [the proto-ape, proto-human], as have evidences of fully modern human activities (the use of tools, the burial of the dead, etc.) All of this evidence is simply ignored or attributed to man’s ape-like ancestors.”

If the evidence doesn’t follow the evolutionary pattern of common descent, it’s either coerced into saying something it doesn’t say or simply ignored. The dots that don’t fit neatly into the portrait are discarded. Malone continues:

“In similar fashion, when erectus-like skulls – with ‘low-end’ [ape-like] brain size, eyebrow ridges, or thick jaws – are found in the same rock layers as modern man, they [the ape-like skulls] are explained away as human variation, the result of pathological (disease) or environmental causes. Yet similar skulls found in the sediment layers, which have been assigned old dates are proclaimed pre-human ancestors.”

In other words, with so many “findings” to select from and the freedom to interpret them in such varied and unrestrained ways, the Darwinist can “prove” anything he wants. Dots can be made into anyone’s cheering section.

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