Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Evolution and the Fate of the Church

I was impressed by Bruce Malone’s DVD, Explosive Geological Evidence for Creation. He starts by citing some statistics about the direction of the church. Sadly, 81% of church youth do not believe in moral absolutes. From 65 to 95% of these youth leave the church entirely by the end of their fourth year at college. Perhaps even worse, 63% of the youth attending Christian schools do not believe that Christ is God; 58% believe that there are many ways to God; 65% don’t believe in Satan! Malone understandably laments:

• “By not emphacizing the creation, the Fall, and the Flood as real historical events; the Bible [and ultimately the Church] has lost all credibility to the world when it relates to anything dealing with the physical world.”

This is exactly what Christian evolutionists (CE) are not doing. However, you might question, “What does this have to do with the falling away of Christian youth from the traditional Christian teachings?” Well, in order to make room for Darwin, CEs have purposely gutted the Bible of what it teaches about the physical world and insist that the Bible doesn’t care about the physical but only the spiritual realm. If Darwin is just about the physical world and the Bible is just about the spiritual, viola!!! They can reside comfortably together without contradiction!

As a result of this retreat, the Bible only concerns the private areas of our lives and therefore can find no support for its beliefs from the physical world. However, our proofs and evidences of the unseen arise from what is seen – what we can see, hear and taste! Proofs for the existence of God based upon His creation or the proofs for the Bible based upon prophecy fulfilled in this physical world or miracles are disdained. Therefore, faith can no longer be supported by tangible reasons to believe but by our personal experiences and intuitions alone! Forget about the confirmatory miracles that God performed in Egypt, manna, etc!

In fact, because of their zeal for Darwin, CEs often advise humility and tentativeness regarding our interpretation of Scripture. I certainly don’t want to minimize the need for humility. However, it is noteworthy that the CEs do not seem to be equally humble about their commitment to Darwin. This imbalance creates nasty fruit. The certain always dictates how we understand the uncertain. Therefore, it’s the uncertain Bible that must suffer compromise.

Ironically, CEs are regarded as “compromised” even among the scientific community and are restrained to peddle their wares among conflicted Christians. I have never heard of a CE speaking in favor of his worldview to a group of non-Christian evolutionists. (Francis Collins is an exception.) Interestingly, the atheistic evolutionists seem to have more contempt for this form of compromised, insipid Christianity than they do for creationists. It's an incoherent Christianity that says, "God is in charge, but He made it all through RANDOM mutation and NATURAL selection! Malone summarizes CE stance very succinctly:

• “When you throw out what the Bible has to say about the physical world, the world will throw out what the Bible has to say about the spiritual world.”

And this is just what the world is doing!

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