Friday, November 4, 2011

Leftover or Intelligently Designed Parts

To prove their case, evolutionists often invoke “residual organs,” leftover genes, useless body parts, and “junk DNA”. They understandably argue that if we evolved from lower forms, we should retain much useless, leftover, non-functional junk from our previous incarnations.

For instance, Jerry A. Coyne in Why Evolution is True writes that lanugo, downy baby hair, is a leftover, no longer necessary “remnant of our primate ancestry.” However, further research has provided another story. According to Bruce Malone,

• This fine downy hair is absolutely critical for the development of the baby within the mother’s womb. Just after the lanugo grows on the baby’s developing skin, the baby produces a waxy coating over its skin called the vernix caseosa. It is this waxy coating which protects the developing skin from the fluid of the mother’s womb. Without the fine coating of hair, the waxy varnish would have nothing to anchor itself to and could not function to protect the underlying skin. (Inspired Evidence)

Malone also adds that we have approximately 200,000 different proteins and “as far as we know every one of these proteins has some useful, functional purpose.” Understandably, he asks, “Why are our bodies not full of useless leftover chemicals from our evolutionary past?” They should be if we evolved from lower forms, evolving new organs while discarding the old.

In fact, there had been a nice neat list of about 200 useless vestigial human organs compiled by smug evolutionists. However, this list has dwindled down to almost nothing as we have continued to discover that these “useless” organs serve vital purposes.

• True science has found useful functions for virtually all the so-called ‘leftover’ organs. Yet if we evolved from some other life form, our bodies should be full of leftover non-functional features. (Kleiss)

“Junk DNA” has been found to be anything but junk. Even our “tail bone” has been found to play a vital role in anchoring our muscles. And these theoretical mistakes are costly. Children routinely had their tonsils removed only to later find that they played a vital role immunologically. We pay for our faulty worldviews.

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