Monday, November 19, 2012

The West and how it has Turned against its Christian Roots

My letter to a secularist who thinks that the success of the West should be attributed to his form of secularism and not to Christianity, whose roots have supported the West:

While we both have a high regard for the values and contributions of the West, I tend to think that we have different things in mind when the terms “West” or “secularism” are invoked.

While the secularism of our Founding Fathers guaranteed everyone a seat at the table, the secularism of today guarantees such a seat to only those who share its secular values or religion. Here’s an example from something I was reading today. Tufts University Community Union Judiciary voted to “de-recognize” the Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF), the largest evangelical group on campus. Here's why:

  • The student body’s Community Union Judiciary opposed the group’s requirement that its leaders adhere to the “basic Biblical truths of Christianity,” student government members told the Boston Globe on Oct. 26 [2012]. The charges came from Tufts Coalition Against Religious Exclusion, which published an editorial in the student newspaper accusing the TCF of “hate speech” because of its beliefs about homosexuality. (World, Nov. 17, 2012)
This same action is paralleled by many other similar attempts to close down other Christian groups because they fail to fall in line with the secular agenda. Just recently, mayors from three major US cities, including Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago, voiced their unwillingness to tolerate Chick-Fil-A doing business in their towns, simply because of its stance in favor of traditional marriage.

This type of thing is in violation of everything that our Constitution has guaranteed – everything that has made the West great. However, the secular powers are content to remain silent. Closing down Christian groups, after all, is consistent with their own intolerant position.

Are you aware of the shooting last month at a traditional family values institute? Probably not! It was conveniently overlooked by the secular mainstream media, since it didn’t promote their own agenda. A highly-armed homosexual was intent upon killing many there, simply because he didn’t agree with their politics.

Meanwhile, today’s secularism sounds the call for inclusiveness, equality and diversity, but, hypocritically, only among their own. Instead, it is increasingly totalitarian and intolerant of other religions and belief systems – not the stance that had at one time made the West great.

Interestingly, as this virulent form of secularism has proliferated (from the early sixties), so too have our social – crime, suicide, STDs, drug addiction, mental problems - and economic woes. We have become the greatest debtor nation in the world, living far beyond our means, addicted to consumerism and pleasure without any recognition of the depths of our problem or any intent to address the addiction.

Instead, the addict turns his venom against those who warn him.

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