Tuesday, December 11, 2012

National Socialism in the First Grade

Totalitarianism requires thought control. Consequently, such a society has its gatekeepers controlling the flow of information. Adolph Hitler had a lot to say on the subject:

  • In every really great revolutionary movement propaganda will first have to spread the idea of this movement. Thus, it will untiringly try to make clear to the others the new train of thought, to draw them over to its own ground, or at least to make them doubtful of their own previous conviction…The organization receives its members from the followers in general won by propaganda. (Mein Kampf)
Hitler understood that propaganda and mind control had to include the nation’s youngest members. Western mind-controllers understand this principle:

  • For a North Carolina first grader who wrote a touching poem about her grandfather's military service in Vietnam, everything was fine until she made a reference to God. At that point, officials at West Marion Elementary School deleted the line before the 6-year-old could read it aloud at a school assembly after a parent complained about the religious reference. The line read, "He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength."
Although this kind of censorship is justified by the concern to not offend others, this is just a hypocritical ruse. If offending others was truly their concern, they might have expressed some concern about offending this first-grader. However, the secular authorities envision this little child as Hitler had – as the object of indoctrination into the “new train of thought.”

This agenda separates children from their parents and the child from his childhood, making the State into his primary custodian. After all, the State knows what’s best about their children, while their parents are mired by repressive God-myths!

In this case, it’s a matter of raising children for sexual consumerism – children who would have no objection to any form of sexual experimentation. I would guess that if this first-grader had instead reported about his sexual feelings, his paper would have been used as a model for other first-graders.

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