Friday, June 21, 2013

A Dialogue with Two Muslim Apologists

Many will disagree with the way I interact with Muslims, but I thought it might be profitable to publish this exchange and hear your responses. I will begin the exchange with the final and perhaps best response by one of the Muslim apologists:

MUSLIM APOLOGIST: In the end of the day you have the same narrow-mindedness as the extremists and terrorists you condemn. Just like they see things twisted and black and white and ignore the vast Scholastic tradition of Islam, so do you. This is counter-productive to your "goal." Your aim is to defeat radicalism and terrorism right? So is mine. Yet you legitimise the extremists and help them establish their corruption as the true version of Islam, like they think themselves. Isn't that ironic? Why don't you help us Traditionalists to further marginalise the extremists? Isn't it a better and more palatable version of Islam and more conducive to peace? Why do you reject us and open your arms to the extremist and corrupt version of Islam? Oy vey!


ME: I want you to know that I did appreciate your response. My heart even goes out to your invitation to oppose extremism together. I also want you to know that, as a Christian, I have a deep regard for those who have placed God above everything else in their lives.

However, I have deep doubts that Muslims can live together peaceably and equally with others (even with other Islamic sects). Here are my doubts:

  1. Even though I find many Muslims highly likeable, I never know if I can trust them because of their doctrine of Taqiyya which authorizes them to lie to the infidel (kufr) to promote Islam. 
  1. Along with this are the various Koranic verses that forbid a Muslim to befriend a Christian for any other reason than Dawa (making converts).
  1. Even though there are genuine disagreements between the “extremists” and Muslims like yourself, it seems that the disagreements are peripheral – disagreements about strategy and not fundamentals. It is apparent that the vast majority of Muslims (even Western Muslims) still want to impose Shariah Law on the rest of us forcing us to live in submission to Islam. This is what the surveys show!
  1. Although I agree with you that there have been other, more liberal Islamic interpretive traditions, I question how significant they are or will be. They seem to have little influence. All Muslim countries seem to hold to the doctrine of Abrogation (even if not formally) in which Allah has substituted the later more violent verses for the earlier more peaceful ones. Consequently, in all Islamic nations, the religious minorities must live in fear and subjection to Islam. I can see little hope that this situation will be different in the West if Islam prevails.
  1. Indeed, when you and Ismaeel have resorted to personally attacking me, even though I have been perfectly honest with the both of you, it tells me that you are still part of the Islam that refuses any criticism and consequently any real dialogue. If I am wrong, please prove me so!
  1. Dhimmitude has been a painful reality throughout Islamic history and it continues to be so.
If you are serious about unmasking the “Islam” of the extremists, then challenge them to a public debate in English about the real Islam. (And I’m sure that they would jump at such an opportunity!) Go on record publicly about your true beliefs. Perhaps then some degree of trust can be established.

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