Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who is the Real Science-Stopper?

While evolutionists claim that the belief in God is a science-stopper, Albert Einstein thought otherwise:

  • I want to know how God created this world.
For Einstein, the belief in God was a science-cheerleader! This belief promised that the incredible artifacts of observed design will be matched by the design and intelligence that we don’t yet observe! It represents the uncovering of buried secrets and points to a supremely endowed universe! In other words, we would expect that the studying of the creation will be richly rewarded.

Let’s contrast this with a faith in naturalism – the belief that the appearance of design and uniformity just happens naturally out of a chaotic nothingness. No intelligence or purpose involved! This has to be a science-stopper. After all, who is motivated to learn more about chaos and nothingness that underlie all reality? Not a very appealing occupation to base one’s life upon! To use an analogy, what would you rather devote your life to study – the workings of intelligence or a series of numbers generated randomly by a computer?

I think that the choice is easy!

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