Monday, November 24, 2014


Does love give the other what they need or what they want?

  Does love tell the adulterer, “Well done; I’m glad for you?”

  Does it tell the addict, “You deserve this comfort?”

  Does it tell the thief, “I cannot hold you responsible?”

Must love divorce judgment?

   Must it hide this accuser in the back room, like a smelly rag?

   Must love quarantine judgment, like Ebola, or embrace it?

   Must love say, “Away from me, you hater” or “Welcome, dear friend?”

   Mustn’t judgment protect the victim and restrain the victimizer?

                                                   Mustn’t it keep own home in order?

Must not love befriend justice?

            Mustn’t love say to justice, “You protect the afflicted, dear friend?”

Must not love embrace her as a dear partner, as a husband embraces his wife?

When love stands alone, it is blind.

Such a love says, “I can do it alone. I can heal all! I need no partner.”

“My compassion is enough. My heart is truth!”

“My vision is only confused by wisdom.”

Such a love walks in the darkness, and the darkness will overtake it.

Love is other-centered, but it doesn’t lose its center.

It will listen to reason but will say “no” to foolishness.

It will jump up to save the drowning, but it will not allow itself to be taken under.

It will sacrifice, but will not allow itself to be sacrificed.

It is a lamp lighting the way, but replenished beyond the way.

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