Sunday, December 7, 2014

Debating the Atheist

The debater tries to give his opponent the smallest target possible. This is why the militant atheist [MA] will claim that his belief is JUST a matter of rejecting the sufficiency of the evidence for God.

His tiny target frees him up to attack you. How? Christian revelation is not complete. There are many areas of perplexity. In fact, God warned us that certain knowledge has not yet been given to us. This allows the MA to find many targets:

  • How can your God of love send people to hell? Couldn’t an omnipotent God have created his “good” creation without so much suffering? You believe in myths like talking snakes and virgin births.

There are many things that we don’t know, but this does not invalidate our faith, no more than the gaps in science invalidate science. Science cannot even define the basics – light, matter, space, and time – with any satisfaction.

However, we believe in science, not because of what we don’t know about it, but because of what we do know. Likewise, we do not believe in Christ because of what we don’t understand about the faith but because of what we do understand.

Meanwhile, MAs have their own RELIGIOUS beliefs – secular humanism, moral relativism, materialism, and naturalism. But just say that to an MA, and you’ve got a fight.

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