Friday, January 23, 2015

The Brave New World of Sexual Permissiveness

“All we need is love,” but what is love? Today, we tend to equate love with sexual passion. Therefore, if the passion is there, so is love, and who can argue against that, as one 18-year old woman insisted:

  • I just don’t understand why I’m judged for being happy. We are two adults who brought each other out of dark places.
This claim came from an interview found in the New York Magazine entitled, “What It’s Like to Date Your Dad.” Actually, this anonymous woman is happily engaged to her Dad. However, relationships often sour. In this case, the woman would stand to lose both husband and Dad in a single stroke. However, she is undeterred:

  • He’s promised that if either of us decides the relationship can’t work he still wants to be there as my dad.
Passion can blind reason. In this case, the blindness is colossal! What makes her think that if her Dad rejects her as a wife, he will still be there as Dad!

But I think that there is a bigger issue. What if our society encourages fatherly feelings to slip into sexual feelings? What if this possibility becomes planted in the minds of both children and parents? Will children still be able to regard their parents as pillars of trust and protection or will they see their father hungering after them with the eyes of a sexual predator? Such a change will not only redefine “family,” it will utterly overturn a child’s source of peace and stability and parental responsibility.

Here’s another question. Why did the New York Magazine pursue such a non-judgmental, permissive, feeling-based interview? It almost seems like they want to make any form of sexuality as acceptable and casual as eating apple pie. Why? Can we handle that?

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