Thursday, February 19, 2015


Why is it that the laws of science are fine-tuned, precisely calibrated, for existence, even for life? I would say that this requires an omnipotent super-Mind. Those who are committed to a naturalistic explanation cite the evidence-less multiverse, reasoning that if there are an infinite number of universes, then one of them should be our fine-tuned universe. One physicist boasted that:

·       Arguments for fine tuning do not prove the existence of God, since the fine tuning could be explained by a suitable multiverse even if God did not exist.

Even if we overlook the logical problem of an infinite number of universes, the lack of any scientific evidence, and the lack of any mechanism that could create these infinite universes, there still remains many other problems for this faith:

1.     Why are our laws so elegant, so apparently designed?
2.     Why are they unchanging while everything else is in movement, even exploding?
3.     Why do they work so uniformly throughout our universe?
4.     Why doesn’t our universe self-destruct?

A multiverse cannot answer these questions. Other God-substitutes will have to be invoked! However, Intelligence explains more than accident and chance will ever explain! The choice is yours.

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