Monday, June 1, 2015

The Horrible Impact of Evolution on Morality

What is the impact of evolution on morality? One evolutionist wrote me:

·       Rape has a good side evolutionarily speaking. A strong sex drive perpetuates the species but is countered by the woman choosing an enhancing male, not an abandoning one. Genocide is good in hindsight if it unites peoples and makes survivors stronger. Not good for the annihilated tribes.

According to the “wisdom” of evolution, the most heinous behaviors are justifiable. If “rape has a good side,” well, I’m sure that many would not need their arm twisted too far to perform this “good” public service. Any reservations we might have will easily be overcome by this assurance that, by raping or killing, we are doing the “good” thing.

This is not merely an academic or ephemeral issue. It impacts our every-day lives. Serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, talked about the impact of evolution on how it released him from the grip of his very necessary inhibitions:

·       “As far as we know, we only have one life and we share this planet with billions of other life-forms that have the exact same purpose as we do.”

If evolution is true, then we are just another animal to be used for the benefit of the powerful.  His case is not isolated. Many have documented the destructive role played by evolution in our two World Wars.

This, in itself, doesn’t negate Darwinism. However, a theory that carries such a high price-tag should be re-examined.

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