Sunday, November 22, 2015


“Truth” is often no more than a tool to manipulate. In fact, people are no longer outraged by the distortion of the truth for propagandistic purposes. For instance, one church bulletin included “A Message from New York City Muslim Leaders,” reading:

·       “The Majlis condemns the horrific attacks in Paris over the weekend on Islamic grounds… Like natural disaster, terrorism does NOT DISCRIMINATE based on religion, race, gender or age whether perpetrated by a state, group or individual. The world witnessed this type of INDISCRIMINATE BLOODSHED last week not only in Paris but also in Beirut, Kenya, Iraq and other places around the world.”

On the contrary, the terror was Islamic, it was discriminate against non-Muslims, as even the assailants cried out “Allahu Akbar,” and it does “discriminate based on religion.” The recent examples of this are in the hundreds.

It would have been more reassuring if, instead, these Muslim leaders had said, “We grieve that these assaults have been conducted in the name of Islam,” but they wouldn’t admit even that much. Either way, this is consistent with their doctrine of “Taqiyya,” which authorizes the Muslim to deceive the infidel, even with false shows of friendship.

However, what is doubly troubling is this – that there are churches that show so little regard for the truth, that they are complicit in this very obvious deception.

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