Monday, March 20, 2017


We just watched a video on Charlie Manson and his band of brainwashed murderers. They had been ordinarily people, but the charismatic Manson was able to turn them into murderers, who remain languishing in jail. This is something that other cult leaders have accomplished, sometimes with even more lethal results. Think of Jim Jones who succeeded in having almost 1000 commit suicide.

This has even been done on grander scales. Adolph Hitler was able to take control of the minds of a highly educated nation, perhaps the most educated nation in the world. It seems that even “education” is not a defense against induced insanity.

I think that we are today witnessing the proliferation of insanity. Women claim the right to do what they want with their bodies, even though a new and distinct life is growing within them. We call this “denial.” The Manson girls had been in denial as they were knifing to death their innocent victims.

Claiming “human rights,” many organizations boycotted North Carolina for protecting the human rights of girls, protecting them from men who would enter into their lockers and showers. This too is insanity, mass cultural insanity.

Now, educated Westerners are celebrating Shariah Law, something that denies all of the human rights that Westerners value. This too is insanity.

Don’t try to understand it. It makes little sense. It is enough to understand that it is demonic and provides us powerful proof of Satan’s existence and a reason to embrace our Savior even more thoroughly.

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