Sunday, April 2, 2017


Christian apologist, Dr. Alex McFarland, wrote:

·       "We need a revival of Christianity in our day, because basically atheism or Islam will be our future if there's not a spread and a shoring up of Christianity."

This has become painfully obvious. However, atheism and secularism lack the moral resources to resist Islam. Why? They have adopted moral relativism, multi-culturalism, and religious pluralism. All of these “isms” claim that we cannot judge because there is no absolute standard of judgment. This especially pertains to other cultures and religions.

The secularist claims:

·       The only way that we can judge another religion or culture is from the standpoint of our own culture. However, when we do this, we are being arrogant by claiming that “our culture is better than yours.” This arrogance has been the source of many wars.

However, this secular position is paving the way for the takeover of Islam. It refuses to judge. It lacks the moral clarity to judge. After all, how can it? Secularism does not believe in objective justice and injustice. It will not distinguish right from wrong in any objective sense, since these concepts are merely the product of our times and cultures. They are also evolving. This means that we might regard rape as a crime today, but tomorrow, it might be perfectly fine. This also means that:

·       We might regard ISIS as wrong today, but perhaps not tomorrow, since everything is in flux. Besides, we are just viewing ISIS from the perspective of our own relative and socially-constructed morals. Who are we to judge!

Perhaps ISIS will help to bring us to our senses. Perhaps we are so blind that we have to experience our daughters and granddaughters being raped and sold into sex-slavery right before our eyes to awaken us from our deep moral sleep.

However, once we begin to grope for a more functional and realistic worldview, it might be too late.

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