Friday, December 2, 2011

How Much Evidence Does It Take To Convert An Atheist?

How much evidence does it take to convert an atheist? The evidence is already out there, available to all, but by itself, it won’t convert a single person.

In our DNA in just one cell, we have over three billion bits of information, and there’s no natural explanation for even a single bit. In fact, DNA can’t even be produced in a laboratory “by mixing of the four chemical components from which DNA is constructed. According to Bruce Malone,

• All attempts to do so have been as fruitless as trying to develop any of the 22 million books in the Library of Congress by having a monkey randomly doodle symbols on a piece of paper. (Inspired Evidence)

DNA is a wonder. Even the lowly protein defies any natural explanation. It is only produced in a living cell. Astoundingly, proteins are required to produce proteins. This begs the question, “Where did the original proteins come from?”

The atheist is forced to hypothesize that they somehow naturalistically self-assemble. However, this hypothesis contradicts the very nature of proteins (and DNA). If natural forces assembled proteins through the natural attraction of their parts – the amino acids – we should expect to find only a very limited number of proteins, predictably structured in repeated patterns according to forces that always operate formulaically. (Besides, there is no evidence that they do this.) Frozen water always produces ice. However, proteins take many forms and perform many different and specialized operations.

However, when we consider DNA, we take a design and complexity quantum leap. Malone writes,

• One gram of DNA can hold as much information as one trillion CDs. Stated another way, this information storage system is so efficient that a microscope spec smaller than a dust particle could hold a copy of every high resolution movie ever produced – with room to spare for every movie made for the next hundred years.

How many such wonders does it take to change a heart? What if we were to see someone rise from the dead? The conversion of the caterpillar into the butterfly is a virtual resurrection from the dead. The caterpillar actually dies and comes to life as a beauty butterfly. Our hearts should exult!

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