Monday, March 1, 2010

Hate Crimes reported (2/22/10) that on Valentine's day, “Police refused to interrupt a gay demonstration outside of Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral, despite laws that prohibit protesting near places of worship while services are ongoing."

Holy Name had invited married couples “to celebrate their spousal fidelity by renewing their vows to each other during Mass. Yet in order to do so, couples had to pass through an angry crowd of 'gay rights' protesters who marched by the steps of the cathedral, accusing Church hierarchy of hatred toward gays and telling parishioners to ‘stop funding the bigots!’"

What makes this particularly egregious is that fact that “Chicago rigorously enforces protection of its abortion mills with the "bubble zone" ordinance, which prohibits pro-life counselors within 50 feet of an abortion facility from approaching within 8 feet of an individual entering the facility, without that individual’s explicit consent.”

Why do certain groups receive protection while others don’t? There seems to be a consistent pattern of intimidation by the Gay community against the church, and the power centers of our society seem to be supporting this intimidation. What should Christians do? Should we endure? Speak up? How?

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