Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Naturalism vs. Supernaturalism

A letter to Christian Evolutionists at BioLogos:

If you are truly Christ-centered, then you have a responsibility to declare the glory of God’s works (Psalm 145:10-12) instead of invoking random and mindless processes to account for these. GOD’S ID is not simply Scripturally warranted (Rom. 1:18-20; Psalm 19); it is also rationally warranted:

1. God’s ID is the only adequate cause to explain the disparate phenomena of consciousness, freewill, intelligibility, fine-tuning, the origins of life, DNA, the cell, absolute moral principles, physical laws, energy, matter...

2. There is no scientific evidence that anything happens naturalistically. Instead of evolution, we observe de-evolution (a reality endemic to the 2nd law of thermodynamics), contrary to Darwinist expectations. One then can even talk about “naturalism of the gaps.”

3. Occam’s Razor (the law of parsimony) requires the simpler explanation over the more complex. Naturalism has to postulate many disparate explanations for the above realities.

4. It makes more sense that the laws of physics have a common ID origin than each existing immutably, independently and un-intelligently:

a. God’s ID can better account for their immutability than a naturalistic world having nothing more than molecules-in-motion.
b. The laws operate uniformly throughout the universe – not like a wave that looses it strength over time and distance – suggesting that they transcend the physical world.
c. They act in harmony – they don’t self-destruct – also suggesting ID.

5. Irreducible complexity is ubiquitous. The simplest life form depends on millions of bits of info coming together at one time. Even the building blocks – proteins – are only produced by living cells.

6. We have no experience with things coming out of nothing as naturalism suggests. Instead, they require a supernatural Creator.

God is therefore the best way to account for our observations.

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