Friday, September 24, 2010

Bullfighting and Abortion

What can they possibly have in common? Not much, but the September 23, 2010 reports that they have more in common than we might suspect:

• “The socialist dominated legislature of the Spanish region of Catalonia was blasted by a member yesterday for caring more about animals than human beings, in response to legislation outlawing the practice of bullfighting. Juan Bertomeu, a deputy elected from the more conservative People's Party, observed that while one bull dies every three days in a bullfight, 57 children are killed by abortion in the region daily, a practice that is legal and supported by the ruling socialists. ‘You want to tell me that you have feelings over the death of a bull every three days, and there's no problem with taking the life of 57 children every day?’ said Bertomeu.”

I’m not particularly interested in Spanish politics and even less in bullfighting, but I think that this is particularly illuminating of our age. I too was touched by the reports of gulf-spill animal rescues. I’m also moved by all the efforts made to rescue a stranded whale, but I’m puzzled by the callousness of our educated elites towards abortion, adultery, pornography and the accompanying destruction of the family?

Does it represent a rebellion against Christian or traditional values or the assertion that “I’m numero uno, and nobody is going to interfere with my freedoms and pleasures?” What are your thoughts?

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