Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The “Tolerant” can be the most Intolerant

Another teacher’s head is on the chopping-block. This head belongs to Viki Knox, a veteran of two decades in the New Jersey Public School system. What horrible crime did she commit? According to The Star Ledger,

• Knox, 49, an ordained minister in the Clark church, wrote on her Facebook page last week that homosexuality was a “perverted spirit” and a “sin” that “Breeds like cancer.”

In response,

• Union schools Superintendent Patrick Martin said that the district is investigating and would take “all appropriate action.”

It seems that cutting off her head is within the realm of “all appropriate action.” Let’s look at what this means. It means that free speech can not be exercised, even when it comes from one’s sincerely held religious beliefs and even when it constitutes a caring warning. It is a well established fact that the gay lifestyle only comes at a great price – a greatly lowered life expectancy, disease issues, mental health concerns, and even heightened rates of substance abuse and suicide. (Perhaps instead, parents should be bringing lawsuits against the schools for encouraging such a lifestyle well known to be self-destructive!)

It should also mean that speaking against other destructive behaviors should not be tolerated. After all, why should speaking against homosexuality be proscribed and not speaking against adultery, theft, bullying, bigamy, pedophilia, incest, lying and even murder? If our right to speak against the dangers of homosexuality are retracted, why not also our right to speak against bullying or drug use? Of course, this double-standard is absurd!

The only question worthy of consideration is whether or not sanity and reason will cave in before the pressure groups. The Ledger reports that,

• Garden State Equality, a gay-rights group, plans to hold a rally…to publicly demand Knox’s firing.

Perhaps a little “Gay Pride” might be in order. If they are truly so proud of their lifestyle – and ironically, Knox had been responding to Gay Pride initiatives within the school system – then they should demonstrate their pride through a willingness to engage in an open exchange of ideas instead of a show of intolerance towards anyone who objects to their agenda.

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