Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart and His Battle to Expose the Media

The Mainstream Media has been granted many protections under the First Amendment because of the role it was to play in holding politicians accountable. And this they have performed very well when it comes to politicians which they find distasteful.

This imbalance raises in important question – Who will hold the Media accountable? One small, yet significant, but now silenced voice had been that of Andrew Breitbart. On May 7, 2010 wrote:

  • The bias of the liberal media is so deeply ingrained that it is an essential part of its structure - one that conservatives must fight hard to challenge effectively, according to conservative new media guru Andrew Brietbart. "The left, to me, in essence, is the media," said Breitbart an interview with CBN's Matt Brody.
About liberals like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Breitbart observed,

  • "Their ability to get what they need to get done is because they're carrying the water of the media. The media is a left-of-center ecosystem, it's a left-of-center organism. So the media can change the dynamics of what we're talking about."
Although he wasn’t “strongly religious,” Breitbart stated that the media’s incessant attack on Christians "angers me to no end." However, he did take issue with turn-the-other cheek Christians. He was also disturbed by Mainstream Media’s attempts to undermine the traditional values upon which this country rested: "It's a distinctly Judeo-Christian one and I think that it works":

  • “I aim everything at attacking the media for its biases and holding them accountable for their biases, and the things that they report incorrectly, or the things they fail to report,”
  • “By aiming everything at the media I’ve pretty much done the one thing they ask you not to do. ‘Please accept the premise that we’re fair, and let’s move on.’ No. I’m not going to accept that premise.
  • “For these people to tell me with a straight face that they don’t come to the media and their jobs from a political perspective, from a left-of-center perspective, is just a bald-faced lie.”
  • “I want to break down this politically correct paradigm. These are rules that tell conservatives: you're not allowed to say this, you're not allowed to think that. This type of Orwellian thought crime crap is what I'm fighting against."
The Mainstream Media has become far too powerful and influential, but who is left to sound the alarm? The Media clearly won’t do it. Andrew, you will be missed!

(Please see one of his last interviews:

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