Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dogs, “Junk” DNA and Design

Intra-species variation doesn’t mean evolution. To put it another way, even though we find tremendous variation among dogs – this includes wolves, coyotes and foxes – it doesn’t mean that all of the assembly information (DNA) evolved through random mutation. In fact it couldn’t have! Bruce Malone, Search for the Truth Ministries (TRUTH@SEARCHFORTHETRUTH.NET), writes in his newsletter:

  • All biologists and geneticists now know that every dog on the planet originated less than 10,000 years ago as a result of the selection of information contained within the genetic code of a wild grey wolf…Absolutely no evolution of information has happened – just a sorting of the many characteristics needed to produce the various breeds of dogs and wild canines of today.
This means that the great variation noted within various emerging sub-species does not require a lengthy process and a macro-evolutionary explanation. Instead, variation – as in the case of the canine family – can be explained as a product of the design and genetic inheritance of the original wolf. If so much information can be packed into one genome, perhaps Noah’s Ark was big enough!

Within the same newsletter (Winter 2012) Malone writes about the fallacy of “junk DNA”:

  • For over twenty years, it has been widely reported that less than 2% of the coded information on the human DNA molecule is used to produce proteins…Thus 98% of the DNA sequence was assumed to be useless leftover junk from our evolutionary past. This was accepted evolutionary dogma for many years…Even within the last 5 years, Dr. Francis Collins (head of the human genome project), stated in his book, The Language of God, that roughly 45% of the human genome is made up of repetitive flotsam and jetsam and that this junk provides “compelling” evidence for the evolutionary origin of humanity. Yet we can now conclusively show that essentially all the DNA’s coded sequence (including repetitive sections) serves multiple purposes and functions.
If the presence of “junk” DNA – leftover non-functioning DNA from ancestral life-forms – argues in favor of evolution, then the lack of such should argue against evolution! This absence of junk DNA should also argue that we aren’t the result of a mindless, purposeless process but of Intelligent design!

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