Friday, April 20, 2012

The Gay Agenda and the Deadening of the Mind and Choice

When I first read Hans Christian Andersen’s tale about everyone praising a king walking around in underwear, convinced that he was wearing the most exquisite clothing, I dismissed it as too unbelievable. I was certain that no normal person could ever be so persuaded. However, I now have to revise my judgment. It now seems that many of the leading “psychiatric and psychological” associations in the UK have been taken captive by a similar delusion. While they had never had been hesitant about treating the most intractable conditions – bi-polar, very psychoses, depression – they have now become persuaded that homosexuality is untreatable. Not only that, but anyone who attempts to treat it is committing an “ethical offense,” even when it is the homosexual client asking for treatment:

  • While most medical ethics throughout the western world has adopted the primacy of patient autonomy as its guiding principle, the psychiatric and psychological professions in the UK are becoming increasingly authoritarian in matters of sexuality, according to one would-be therapist.
  • Recently published professional guidelines in the UK say it is an “ethical offense” to either offer to help a client overcome homosexual temptations and feelings, or to accede to a request to do so from a client.
What is unethical about leaving the homosexual lifestyle – a lifestyle strongly associated with depression, suicide, mental illness, and a greatly abbreviate lifespan. Why shouldn’t a homosexual try to avoid such ills! And why is it now “unethical” for a therapist to assist?

I could better understand if an adulterous client approached the therapist with this request: “I feel guilty about this adulterous affair, and I want you to help me to overcome these unwanted feelings of guilt.” Adultery is a destructive moral evil. Such psychiatric help shouldn’t be offered! The same is true if the client is a Mafia hit-man and wants the psychiatrist to give him a drug to make killing easier.

However, fleeing the homosexual lifestyle is not morally wrong. Rather, it’s a rational choice and psychotherapy had been committed to rational choice! However, in the case of homosexuality, the choice to participate in this self-destructive lifestyle has become the only acceptable choice, as one courageous doctor has now affirmed:

  • “I would agree that the focus is no longer on autonomy” in ethics in psychotherapy, said Dr. Michael Davidson, PhD, Director of the Core Issues Trust. In Britain’s main psychotherapeutic organisations, “the person-centred approach is not being respected,” he said.
  • The psychotherapeutic community has created a climate in which therapists who do not toe the official “gay affirming” line, daring to assert that homosexuality is not, or does not have to be a fixed condition, face severe censure, even the loss of their professional credentials. Dr. Davidson said that the system overrules even the wishes of patients, telling them, in effect, that they must remain in the homosexual lifestyle, whether they want to or not.
Such flagrant dogmatism and authoritarianism, apart from the gentle persuasion of reason, usually does not characterize our professional societies. Such a transition reflects the fact that they have been politically co-opted to spout the party line.

Davidson has a vested interest in this matter. He was a homosexual who had exited from this lifestyle and is convinced that others have also broken free through counseling and other means:

  • Dr. Davidson’s troubles started with an interview on BBC radio in which he “expressed the idea that therapeutic support should be made available to those who want to move away from homosexuality.” The result was that his membership and trainee status were revoked by the British Psychodrama Organisation. His future remains in question.
In Andersen’s story, the King became convinced through friendly persuasion. When reason doesn’t prove adequate, those promoting the homosexual agenda use force, coercion and intimidation. They also do great damage by encouraging youth to embrace homosexuality, even though they realize that sexual feelings can be very fluid during the early years, and initial sexual encounters are formative. Davidson therefore warns:

  • “I think we are doing damage when we make these categories something that are so fixed. So if a nine year old boy has homosexual thoughts we have to tell him to take on a gay identity. It’s an appalling abuse of freedom.”
Children have become mere pawns in this game of promoting the militant homosexual agenda. The fact that these promoters are encouraging them into a lifestyle of greatly heightened suicide and grossly abbreviated lifespan is never discussed. As with the tailors who sold the King his clothing, they seem to care about nothing else apart from the “sale.”

However, even more culpable than the money-hungry tailors, were the King’s advisors, appointed to protect the King against such threats. The media, the universities, and the profession societies are even more culpable than the gays. While the gays are caught in the grips of the powerful psychological forces of guilt, shame, self-contempt and anger, the professions know better, and they have been appointed to guard against these “appalling abuses of freedom.” However, they have become willing accomplices!

This is reminiscent of the observations of Albert Einstein regarding the advent of National Socialism in his homeland of Germany. As this horrible transition into darkness was occurring, he had looked to the media to expose them. However, he was shocked when they all capitulated. He then looked to the great German universities, which certainly would not tolerate Hitler and his gang. However, they too fell willingly into line. He then looked to the Church, an institution that he had long despised, but the only institution that offered any resistance against the violent hoard. Perhaps this resistance had been too little and too late, but within the great sea of capitulation, the Church had been the only light.

Someone needs to scream, “The King has no clothing on,” but silence reigns in our corridors of education and government.

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