Monday, April 30, 2012

On Leaving Behind the Gay Lifestyle

A Letter to a Gay friend who sent me a link citing Spitzer’s retraction of his study claiming the benefits of Reparation Therapy for gays struggling to leave the gay lifestyle:

Thanks again for the link. Neither of us want to be confined to only one perspective, and so I welcome the opportunity to read what you might send me. However, I'm left with the following questions:

  1. Truth has now become so politicized. One reporter boasted that his main occupation was one of a social activist, and not an objective-truth-reporter. Add to this the obvious media bias and the violence and intimidation of the gay community directed towards those who refuse to capitulate before their militant agenda, and we have to question Spitzer’s retraction.
  1. I have met numerous ex-gays who claim that they have now overcome SSA.
  1. However, I am willing to admit that many of our impulses are intractable and therefore we just have to live with them. Perhaps the majority of ex-gays fall into this category. However, for the sake of Christ, they are willing to deny themselves. I deeply honor this stance. It’s a stance that I have to take in many of my own struggles. However, I’ve come to see that this “sacrifice” is more than compensated for by our Lord.
Now here is a link for you regarding the media’s reluctance to carry anything about pro-gay violence and intimidation:

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