Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution: It’s not a Toss-Up

The body is wondrously designed. Not only does it have the machinery for life, it also has the equipment to maintain life, and this equipment is incredibly complex. The Clotting Cascade involves 10 distinct chemical processes, culminating in a scab. Bruce Malone wrote:
  • If one of these chemicals is missing or is in the wrong order, then a person would bleed to death. If the chemicals activate 20 minutes after the cut or if the clot does not cover the entire area, the result is again death. If the clotting continues without stopping, then the body’s blood system would clot up and the person would die. (Inspired Evidence)

This is only one of the thousands of processes of our life sustaining equipment that are irreducibly complex. This idea has recognized that all of the parts (chemicals) have to be present and connected for the system to work. This argues powerfully against Darwinian gradualism – the only mechanism the evolutionists have been able to propose to get us from A (the first form of life) to Z (us). Instead, irreducible complexity insists that gradualism cannot account for the development of any useful system.

Could other conceivable structures have performed the same vital function as the Clotting Cascade, as evolutions suggest? If they could, it doesn’t seem that they could do so as well. I had been taking Prilosec for acid reflux. I was assured that there wouldn’t be any side effects. The doctor spoke of this drug as if it represented an advancement over our original body design. I thought, “If only the body manufactured it’s own Prilosec and could automatically inject it into my troubled stomach as needed!”

However, it seems that every drug comes with its own set of side-effects – life-limiting characteristics. I subsequently found that this was also true of my “no-side-effects” Prilosec. Just today, the news announced that it has been found that all of those powerful antacids tend to cause vitamin B-12 deficiencies and even the early onset of dementia! Darn, but no surprise!

Perhaps then, God didn’t goof when He designed our body without a built-in Prilosec pump! Have we ever been able to make any improvement upon the healthy human body? Not as far as I can tell! This speaks loudly in favor of intelligent design. If we intelligent beings haven’t been able to improve upon the original design, perhaps the original had been even more intelligently designed than we have acknowledged!

As I grow older, I have been eagerly awaiting for just one of aging’s changes to improve my body. However, I’ve been repeatedly disappointed. My eyes, ears, sleep and even bowels are all beginning to fail me, bringing me back to thoughts about my former self – my original bio-chemical endowment. From my present partially-hobbled condition, I am more amazed than ever with what God hath done!

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