Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nazi-Phobia and Islamophobia

Here is my response to a “progressive Christian” who accused me of Islamophobia:

I do appreciate your attempt to explain your behavior towards me. You stated:

“Anytime Christianity is used to condone Islamophobia, Anti-semitism, Homophobia, Racism, or any other prejudice, it does great damage to the Christian religion. That's why it has to always be confronted.”

I too care about how Christianity is perceived, and it profoundly grieves me that my adopted faith – I come from a Jewish/Zionist background – is so denigrated throughout most of the world. I mourn daily because of this.

As a Jew, I used to fantasize about what I would do, had lived in Nazi Germany? Sometimes, I would envision myself making payments to the Nazis to free Jews from the “death camps.” At other times, in my young adult imagination, I saw myself picking up arms to liberate my brethren.

Today, as I survey the Communist and Islamic worlds, I am confronted with the appalling sight of tens of thousands of Christians exterminated, kidnapped, raped and subjected to forced conversion or blasphemy charges, in accordance with the literal teachings of Islam:

  • Qur’an 9:29 - Fight against Christians and Jews ”until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.” (9:7-9; 9:12-14; 9:5; 2:191-2; 4:91)

  • Qur’an (5:51) - ”O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

  • Qur’an (2:65-66) - Christians and Jews must believe what Allah has revealed to Muhammad or Allah will disfigure their faces or turn them into apes, as he did the Sabbath-breakers. (9:30; 5:72; 5:53; 5:63; 5:59)

  • Qur’an (5:80) – “You will see many of them befriending those who disbelieve; certainly evil is that which their souls have sent before for them, that Allah became displeased with them and in chastisement shall they abide.” Those Muslims who befriend unbelievers will abide in hell.

Had I been in Nazi Germany, I would not have been able to keep silent. I would like think that as I saw Hitler’s rise to power that I would have exposed his evil agenda before it was too late.

Exposing the Koranic agenda is no different. While there are many lovely Muslims, once they become trained in the writings of the Koran and Hadiths, they become radicalized. Meanwhile, I pray that Muslims might learn to interpret their writings in ways that accord with love, justice and peace. However, this requires that the literalistic interpretation be revised, and I think that our role is should be one of confrontation and not denial. This is why I post and re-post articles demonstrating the atrocities of Islam, when taken at face-value.

Wisdom requires us make critical distinctions among the various worldviews. We might disagree with many of them, but we can still live with them. With others, we cannot. Some are not amenable to justice for all and equality, but advocate violence to achieve their ends. Denial of this fact can only prove costly. While we desire, “Peace in our Time,” a false peace is worse than no peace at all.

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