Monday, January 18, 2016


A group named "occupy spirituality" confidently proclaimed:

"Revolutions will come and go. Movements will change names and forms. But what is emerging in people's hearts will continue. Most likely it will continue quietly, in small communities, among friends, mostly unacknowledged by the dominant media. It will continue quietly creating a counterpoint to all the institutions and power structures, eventually moving the center of life from values that no longer serve life to relationships that nourish and celebrate life. The skeptics will be surprised. We can promise you that!"

Upon what does such a faith rest? Certainly not the Scriptures! But not even evidence! The world is in chaos.

Instead, this statement reflects the fact that we need hope. But that hope appeals to the spirit of our day. It is one that will mysteriously arise within our own heart. It's against institutions. It rejects not only reason and evidences, but also the lessons of the past and embraces an entirely new age. It is intent on reinventing a wheel without rubber and spokes.

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