Thursday, December 22, 2016


The theory of evolution claims that we have evolved traits that have given us a “survival advantage.” However, one of our imprinted traits is the belief in God. It is now generally agreed that we are wired for God. Child psychologist Deborah Kelemen suggested that young children are thus “intuitive theists” who are “disposed to view natural phenomena as a resulting from nonhuman design.” (Jonathan Wells, Salvo Magazine, Winter 2016, 43)

How peculiar from an evolutionary point of view! If God does not exist, it would seem that this belief would interfere with our attempts to understand the world and to positively adapt to it, cluttering our minds with unnecessary baggage.

Consequently, Kelemen and many others have been attempting to implement strategies to “suppress [theistic] competing intuitive theoretical explanations” by inculcating a secular worldview. We call this “brainwashing.”

Ironically, the belief of God, namely in Christ, has been associated with so many benefits – “survival advantages” – to the believers. Why then would the evolutionist be opposed?  

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