Tuesday, December 6, 2016


A skeptic had asked:

·       “Has there ever been an incident where people wanted to do something and a supernatural force stepped in to prevent it?”

I answered:

“Let me relate just one incident. Many years ago, I had met a young lady to whom I was very attracted. We knew that we could not be romantically involved because she was still married, although intending to divorce. Instead, we decided to just be friends.

However, I was experiencing something very strange when I’d try to pray. It felt like my prayers were hitting the ceiling and going no further. I had never experienced this before. It was perplexing and continued for almost a week.

I related it to a close friend. She suggested that perhaps I shouldn’t see this female, even as a friend. At first, I protested, but I had the feeling that she was right and that I was just kidding myself about my friendly intentions.

Once I had decided to break off entirely, my sense of separation from God vanished entirely, and I NEVER experienced it again.

It taught me that I can trust in God to warn me away from what I shouldn’t be doing. This was subsequently confirmed by many other supernatural encounters, some far more dramatic.”

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