Friday, January 20, 2017


It seems that worship and service have been written into our DNA. Bob Dylan had written a song, "You Gotta Serve Someone," and it appears to be true.

We are devotees, some to gurus and others to rock stars. A video of Michael Jackson fans reveals adoration to the max - breaking through police lines to just get a glimpse of their god.

While some worship celebrities, others seek self-worship. While some worship by pursuing autographs from their idols, educated others disdain these forms of worship in favor of the worship of SELF-attainments - university degrees, the acquisition of knowledge, money, power, influence, and the adoration of others. 

Nevertheless, it seems that we are all in the worship business, but which form of worship is the most beneficial? Has our DNA been programmed to grant us a survival advantage? Well, what advantage do we accrue through self-worship or the worship of others? One breeds arrogance and eventual disappointment; the other vulnerability to abuse.

However, the worship of the God of the Bible is associated with many benefits - physically, mentally, and even sexually. Perhaps this is the form of worship our DNA had in mind.

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