Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Religion: Virulent, Monopolistic, and even State Supported

Many Christians are in favor of extending all forms of equal rights to homosexuals even though they continue to believe that homosexuality is a sin. However, they fail to see that there is far more involved that just the granting of equal rights. Rather, it involves the replacement of their faith with another, the truth with untruth. However, this new faith of radical egalitarianism is more than just another religion among the many that are already flourishing. If it was merely another religion, there wouldn’t be a big problem. We could merely “live and let live.” However, this new religion is imperialistic and intolerant of differences. It will not tolerate any competition or even criticism. Even worse, it’s State supported! Let me use the example of the repeal of DADT. reports:

• A conservative military watchdog says thousands of service members will be forced to remain in the military even though they oppose the new law that allows homosexuals to serve openly.

Why would they even want to leave? Are they indeed homophobic? Can they not tolerate the sight of gays in the military? Far more is at stake! Soldiers will be required to undergo “indoctrination”:

• Recently a lieutenant colonel in the Army National Guard was reportedly granted a transfer from a command to a staff position so he would not have to order his troops to submit to homosexual sensitivity indoctrination.

However, the option of a transfer seems to be the exception from the rule, and implementation is on the fast-track:

• The military services [will be given] about three months to indoctrinate their personnel on the new law that will inject open homosexuality into the military with zero tolerance of those who object.

It is not simply that military personnel will have to submit to reeducation; it also seems likely that the Chaplains and other personnel will also be forbidden to even raise objections against homosexuality.

In September, a group of 66 retired military chaplains wrote of their concerns and opposition to repeal in a letter to President Barack Obama and defense secretary Robert Gates:

• “[T]he proposed ‘non-discrimination’ law may effectively ban chaplains from expressing their religious beliefs on homosexual behavior. The affects of this ban would be felt keenly within a chaplain’s religious duties, but it would extend outside the pulpit, too. Since chaplains are tasked with teaching classes in moral leadership and ethics both on armed forces bases and at branch schools, such censorship would prevent them from providing the full moral instruction their faith background gives them.”

Upon the repeal of DADT, Concerned Women for American wrote,

• "Instead of answering questions about the rights of homosexuals in this country, rescinding DADT only serves to further muddy the waters. Will Christian chaplains be forced out of the military if they don't accept the repeal?”

This is not alarmist rhetoric one chaplain has already informed me that if chaplains want to retain their jobs in the military, they will now have to refrain from any mention of homosexual practice as a sin; nor will they be able to do anything that might indicate their disapproval.

This represents a massive seismic shift in the morals that have governed the USA and a gross violation of the separation of church and state. This new religion of “tolerance” has revealed itself intolerant of everything that doesn’t fall in line with its dictates, coercing the church into silence. The New Federal Hate Crimes legislation has similarly criminalized any speech that might be construed to lead to a hate crime. Sadly, before its passage, Congress voted down an amendment exempting religious speech from criminalization. Already, pastors are making adjustments in their preaching.

Ironically, DADT was deemed “unconstitutional,” but the new religion of “tolerance” finds nothing unconstitutional about the abrogation of our 1st amendment rights. This not only represents an abrogation of our rights of freedom of speech and of religion, it is also the last area where military personnel should to be silenced. Any innovations require careful observation and modification in view of the problems that will necessarily arise. In this case, questions will inevitably arise about intimate same-sex relations, sexual advances, jealousies and their impact on group solidarity and functionality. However, these very questions will no longer be tolerated. Even now, raising such questions brings sudden charges of “homophobia.” It may soon even bring jail.

We are being blasted by a mega-tsunami. Some say that we have already lost the culture-wars, and so we shouldn’t aggravate the opposition any further. However, our Scriptural mandate takes us in a different direction – to “contend earnestly for the faith” (Jude 3). And we need not be discouraged, for our Lord has assured us:

• "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
(John 16:33)

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