Thursday, February 17, 2011

Relgious Persecution: A Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

On 2/15/11, LifeSiteNews reported:

• The mass murder of Christians during religious services in political hot-spot countries, including the murder of 58 Iraqi Catholics in Baghdad in October and 23 Coptic Christians in Egypt in December, have caught international headlines; but Aid to the Church in Need estimates that as many as 170,000 Christians are killed out of hatred for their beliefs around the world each year, largely in Muslim dominated countries.

While I respect your desire to bring democracy to the Middle East, it will be like building on sand if criminality, murder, and hypocritical double standards are not addressed. Meanwhile, U.S. engineered “democracies” are allowing and even supporting discriminatory and criminal laws. In Afghanistan, Sayed Mossa, a convert to Christianity, has suffered imprisonment, torture, and “sexual abuse” because of his conversion from Islam. Another Christian, Shoab Assadullah, was arrested for giving a New Testament. “Apostasy is a crime punished by death under Islamic Law” (World (2/2611).

However, Islamic Law forbids many things inimical to Western interests – religious equality, criticism of Islam, equal rights for women – and will inevitably establish governments where Islamic Law is enthroned to the detriment of its religious minorities and weaker members.

If the U.S. continues to erect and support such “democracies,” especially when knowing beforehand the criminality that will result, we are complicit in their crimes.

If we are a country governed by moral principles, these abuses must be challenged, not enabled.

Thanks for your consideration,

Daniel and Anita Mann

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