Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Darwinian Façade Seem to be Cracking

Once you venture out from “the world according to Richard Dawkins,” don’t be surprised if you find some refreshing diversity among mainstream biologists. Within the context of a panel discussion, biologist Craig Venter disagreed with the concept of “common dissent,” the very foundation-piece of evolution. About this, William Dembski comments:

• Origin-of-life researchers such as Ford Doolittle and Carl Woese have questioned for some time whether there even is a tree of life [common dissent]. Venter is now following in their train. What’s significant is not so much whether Venter is right (I think he is), but what his dissent from Darwinian orthodoxy suggests about the disarray in the study of biological origins. If common descent is up for grabs, what isn’t?

In the video, Richard Dawkins was flabbergasted:

• The DNA code is all but identical [among all living things]. Doesn’t this mean that they are all related? (My rough quote from the video.)

Interestingly, no one jumped to Dawkins’ defense of this necessary pillar of Darwinism.

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