Thursday, March 31, 2011

Evolution or De-Evolution

Which theory can best explain the facts? While evolution suggests upward progress – from the amoeba to humanity – creationism sees things going in the opposite direction, from a “very good” creation downward. Chemist and creationist, Bruce Malone, explains:

• Modern science has difficulty explaining why cells stop making perfect copies. This is because modern science assumes evolution to be a fact which requires a belief that we are increasing in complexity – evolving upwards. Therefore, cell reproduction should be getting better with time, not worse. Furthermore, if humans have been around for 1 million years (or more), then there have been over 20,000 generations of humans in existence. It is documented that every generation has between 100 and 1000 mistakes added to the DNA code. [John C. Stanford, Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome, Third Ed. 2008, 45-88] There is no possibility that the useful coded information content of the human genome could survive such a process for such a long time period. Thus the assumptions of evolutionary thinking blind researchers to understanding just how rapidly detrimental mistakes are building up and how recently the human DNA code was created.

Let’s just put aside the question of the age of humanity. Evolution should predict improvement over time; creationism should predict the opposite. We find deterioration not only in the human genome. There are other evidences of “de-evolution.” Here are several findings to consider:

• THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS: “Evolution is just plain unscientific. It violates the laws of chemistry including the second law of thermodynamics, the laws of probability, and information theory.” Eric Norman

• STAR BIRTH: “We have never seen a star born, but we have seen hundreds die.” Richard Kleiss

• NUMBERS OF SPECIES: “One-third of all known species [of birds] on the [Hawaiian] islands have become extinct within the last 1,500 years. Yet no new species of Hawaiian birds have developed over the same period…This evidence implies that the millions of different life forms on Earth could not have come from evolution, because creatures become extinct far faster than they could possibly evolve into new types.” Kleiss

• LANGUAGE: “If humans have evolved from less intelligent creatures, one would expect the earliest written languages to be the least complex. The opposite is true. The oldest languages are the most complex.” Kleiss

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