Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Relgious Persecution: A Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

Great numbers of Christians are being disproportionately persecuted around the world:

Three-quarters of religious persecution in the world…is directed at Christians…two-thirds [are among] countries…where persecution is getting worse. (Christianity Today, May 2011, 19)

• In many countries around the world, anti-Christian hostility has reached an unprecedented level. Relentless suicide bombings, false imprisonment, and violent personal attacks are now at the heart of an international community of believers that has become gripped by fear and uncertainty. In Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt, recent incidents have become so intense…In these countries, growing persecution at the hands of Islamic militants is causing a rise in civil unrest, while many Christians are simply fleeing to other regions.
(“Freedom Report,” Christian Freedom International)

For example, intimidation of the Christian minority has become so intense that there are now,

• Sixty monthly conversions in Pakistan from Christianity to Islam. Most are in response to the Country’s blasphemy law. (CT, 18)

If our support to these Muslim nations isn’t made contingent upon improvement in regards to their treatment and protection of innocent religious minorities, then we are complicit in their crimes. Please, therefore, take a strong stance in this direction.

Sincerely, Daniel Mann
(sent 5/18)

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