Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The “Bigoted” Church?

Is the church the malignant presence that atheists and the media suggest? In a new nationwide George Barna survey, it was found that

• three-quarters of U.S. adults believe the presence of a church is “very” (53%) or “somewhat” positive (25%) for their community. In contrast, only one out of every 20 Americans believes that the influence of a church is negative—either very (2%) or somewhat so (3%). That leaves about one out of six adults (17%) who are indifferent toward the role of churches.

This means that 75% believe that the church of the USA is at least “somewhat positive.” With all of the negative publicity – we’re often portrayed as “bigoted” and “ignorant” – attached to Christians and the church, such a high percent expressing approval is remarkable. While it can be argued that public opinion polls might not be that valid, it can equally be argued that what we hear about the church in the media is equally invalid and unrepresentative.

Predictably, it was those aged 18-27 who expressed the highest levels of dissatisfaction with the church. Why? Perhaps because age gives us more perspective, while the youth is more influenced by this present Christophobic culture!

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