Thursday, September 15, 2011

Secularism and its Distaste for Homeschooling

Despite the fact that “numerous studies have shown the benefits of homeschooling,” this family institution has drawn increasing fire from a growing number of secularists. However, is this assault warranted? According to

• Despite its documented advantages, numerous jurisdictions in the U.S. and Europe have moved to curtail homeschoolers’ freedoms. Families in Sweden and Germany have been forced to leave the country, and in perhaps the most high-profile case, Dominic Johansson was taken away from his parents and only allowed to see them for one hour every five weeks.

However, according to the first “nonpartisan” study, out of Concordia University and Mount Allison University:

• “Although public school children we assessed were performing at or above expected levels for their ages, children who received structured homeschooling had superior test results compared to their peers: From a half-grade advantage in math to 2.2 grade levels in reading,” says Martin-Chang.

J. Michael Smith, president of the Home School Legal Defense Association, adds:

• “This newest study from Canada confirms what we know from numerous studies before - that homeschoolers negate any skepticism by succeeding academically. They outperform those in public school in every area of study. Teachers know that smaller class sizes and more individualized education methods work best. This is where homeschooling excels.”

Despite the assault of the secularists on homeschooling, it seems that the superiority of the homeschoolers is a well known fact:

• As a result of the homeschooling movement’s explosive growth and homeschoolers’ documented academic success, post-secondary institutions are increasingly targeting them, with some even appointing “homeschool liaison and recruitment specialists” to serve incoming freshmen.

Why then the push for educational conformity and the elimination of an institution that not only seems to be far superior to the public school product, but one that also saves tax-payer money? And why the readiness to trample on parental rights?

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