Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Textbook author and evolutionist Douglas Futuyma’s has written that Darwinism and the sciences have made “spiritual explanations” irrelevant:

·       “Darwin showed that material causes are a sufficient explanation not only for physical phenomena, as Descartes and Newton had shown, but also for biological phenomena with all their seeming evidence of design and purpose. By coupling undirected, purposeless variation to the blind, uncaring process of natural selection, Darwin made theological or spiritual explanations of the life processes superfluous.”

How so? Has Darwin or biology provided an adequate explanation for life, the cell, DNA, or an entire assortment of other questions?

Even more damning to Futuyma’s assertion is the utter inadequacy of science to explain:

·       The fine-tuning of the universe
·       The origin, immutability, knowability, elegance, and universality of the laws of science, which make science possible
·       To provide evidence that anything has ever occurred naturally with Divine intent. (These can only be answered from a pre-science perspective.)

Perhaps our eyes do not deceive and “all their seeming evidence of design and purpose” is actually “evidence of design and purpose.”

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