Wednesday, June 22, 2016


According to the NYT, sexual assault seems to be a growing problem on college campuses. Esther Boykin, a marriage and family therapist and chief executive of Group Therapy Associates claims that:

* “About 75 percent of my female clients had traumatic experiences in college, almost always sexual assault."

What has caused this scourge? We need go no further than the ubiquitous social influences that impact the worldview of our youth:

- Values like honor, dignity, and courage have been replaced by moral relativism - whatever feels right for you.

- Life, therefore, is about fulfilling yourself to the max, which often means getting as much sex as you can.

- We are just accidents of a purposeless evolutionary process. This leaves little room to affirm the idea of treating women with all due respect. They are merely wet machines to be used.

- Our culture is life-denying. We abort our babies because they interfere with our lifestyles and pleasure. It is inescapable that once we degrade the life of the pre-born, we also degrade all human life.

- If females are no longer entitled to the privacy of female bathrooms and showers, why should they be spared from incursions to their very body.

- Women are convinced that men will think that they are prudish if they don't allow touching. However, this opens the door to unwanted intrusions.

- Society has objectified the woman with pornography and the acceptability of the hook-up culture. This has further served to remove taboos that had required men to honor the woman.

- The Christian influence has served to protect and honor the woman. However, as it fades, this protection will also fade.

Higher education has not led to a higher standard of morality. Why not?

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