Friday, May 19, 2017


Is naturalism the Creator? Is it a cause? Can what is least create what is greatest? Can it create an atom, an electron, DNA, and life?

Can natural forces do anything different than what it does? Is it a captive? Can it only perform according to formula?

Can it speak in my ear, hear my prayers, take care of my needs, gladden my soul, give me hope or a reason for my being? Can it forgive my sins, forgive me when I apologize and renew my hope?

Is it eternal? How many distinct and mindless forces are required to be eternal? If not eternal, then who made them? Did they create time, space, energy, and matter? How can the natural create matter out of nothing? Can they create light? Do we see natural forces creating more time and space? They didn’t always exist? They couldn’t have. Time couldn’t be eternal. If it was, then an infinite (eternal) number of years could never have been accomplished to ever bring us into this present moment. Then did the eternal natural suddenly decide to bring forth non-eternal time? But does the natural have such varied capabilities?

What made its many formulas so elegant and agreeable to life? Do explosions do that kind of thing? Do they create what is immutable and universal? But if the natural laws always existed, what made them so? They affect everything they touch. Why then do they not impact one another?

However, when we examine the natural, we find that it cannot even greet us in the morning, send us a gift, scramble our eggs, boil our water, or write us a line of poetry or music. And yet, we credit it with the creation of everything.

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