Sunday, May 14, 2017


An atheist put out this challenge:

·      “If a god or goddess was designing and running the Universe, like an engineer on a steam locomotive, it would leave measurable effects on Universe. Show me those measurable effects, where the supernatural interacts with the atomic and molecular structure of things, and I will believe you.”

First, I’d like to consider what a God-less universe would look like? From what I can understand, it would not look like anything. There would be no order and no laws of science to keep the protons, neutrons, and electrons together. There wouldn’t even be these particles. Perhaps also, there wouldn’t even be any time or space. There would be no reason to expect anything, let alone the finely-tuned universe, life, DNA, the cell and its many irreducibly complex machines.

There would be no reason to expect to find consciousness and freewill. Because they fail to conform to their strictly materialistic paradigm, atheists will often deny their existence. It is no wonder that, if the skeptic can so easily deny these, he has not the slightest problem in also denying God.

We would not even be able to reason about this question had we not been given the tools of mathematics, reason, and logic, and even our senses, which seem to be precisely adjusted to our universe and its demands.

I cannot open my eyes without seeing the incredible artifacts of design which surround us. However, we see what we want to see. God has given us this freedom and ability. Consequently, many do not see God. We can close our eyes to Him as we do a disturbing scene in the movies. However, while the scene will pass away, God remains. To avoid Him is to go through life with closed eyes.

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