Sunday, June 18, 2017


A skeptic had written:

·       "In this respect, do you not see that all religions are making the same narrow claims? That one has the true answer and the other does not?"

This skeptic sees all religions as the same in many ways. They all are convinced that they have the truth and the means of salvation, that they have an exclusive connection to God or the universe, and that everyone else is wrong. Underlying this assessment is the hidden assumption that they are all narrow-minded and, therefore, must be wrong, at least in part. Here’s how I responded:

“I don't blame you at all for coming to this conclusion. This is what you see - the superficial commonalities. I see them too, but I also see the substantive differences. And for me, these take precedence.

I am convinced that I am at one with God through Jesus. You will understandably point out, "That's exactly what other religions believe. You are just one more competitor among many of the same."

While superficially, this is true, it is like saying that all of the theories about cosmology are just the same thing, because they are all competing to prove that they are right.

Well, they are clearly not the same. Besides, the presence of many competitors does not deny that there is a truth or that it is knowable. Instead, the diversity of opinions might simply require us to dig a little deeper beyond the superficial commonalities.

I am asking you to consider the question of God in light of this.”

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