Tuesday, June 27, 2017


It is human to project. If we hate ourselves, we also think that others hate us. If we feel guilty or shamed, we automatically feel that we are also shamed in the eyes of others. And when we accept ourselves, we also feel that others accept us. Even if they don’t, it isn’t going to crush us.

Why then the push to convert everyone into “sex-and-sexual-identity-is-a-choice” and “gayness-should-be-celebrated?” And this push is all around us. Drag queens are brought into elementary schools to normalize all forms of sexuality. Gay Pride parades exhibit nude genitilia, arguing that this is even good for children to see.

There is a mistaken and unspoken assumption underlying all of this:

·       If the external voices of non-acceptance can be silenced, then the internal voices will also be silenced.

However, the internal voices are far louder and persistent. Besides, they do not depend on the external voices. Even as we celebrate our sexuality before the world, the world within is in shame and unceasing protest. We can shake our fist at the world, but the real battle is being waged within. The world can pass laws in our favor, but the internal verdict remains the same.

We know that there is something wrong. We are wired for morality, and this includes sexuality and sexual conduct. When we violate our moral wiring, alarm bells sound. If we have ears that hear, we will perceive our desperate reactions – rationalizations, denials, inner struggles, and our rejection of those who disagree with us, those who are preaching the same sermon as our conscience. We hate ourselves, and so we hate them – projection. If we truly accepted our conduct, the world’s non-acceptance wouldn’t bother us, but it does – terribly!

Why do we take drugs? To silence the voices, to drown them out! We wonder why turmoil reigns in place of peace, illness instead of health.

If we are at peace within ourselves, our conflicts with others becomes secondary. However, to be at peace within requires us to make peace with ourselves. How do we do this? The same way we make peace with anything around us! We care for our car by putting gas in the gas tank and oil in the oil reservoir. If we put oil in the gas tank, our car will sputter and fail to function.

We are the same way. We too have a nature that requires the right nurturing. We cannot live long on Twinkies; nor can we jump off the tops of buildings.

We also have a moral nature that requires the right care. We cannot kill and rape and then expect to feel good about ourselves. Instead, we have to live according to our nature. We have to play the hand we have been dealt and not the hand we wish to have been dealt.

Now I must say something even more offensive, but please bear with me. We were made for relationship. Sexuality was intended for relationship. Yes, it can be exercised without relationship, but this was never its intended purpose.

Instead, we were intended to be part of a community, headed by our Creator. We were never intended to live independently, although we can. Instead, we were designed for a relationship with our Creator who knows us and can give us the ultimate in affirmation and meaning as we walk in harmony with Him, as Jesus had promised:

·       Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

Instead, of self-hatred and my endless manipulations to prove myself, Christ has proved me, forgives me, and loves me. He has therefore equipped me to live at peace with Him, myself, and with others.

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