Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Metaphysical Multiverse or a Metaphysical God

Let’s be reasonable! Although we might not have any absolute proofs, we can still ask the question, “Which makes more sense – that the universe was designed by a superior Intelligence or that our universe just happened naturally, as one out of an almost infinite number of universes, the multiverse?”

Evolutionary Biologist Austin Hughes expresses his dissatisfaction with multiverse proponents:

  • They don’t realize that they themselves are incapable of answering the really big questions. Take these multiverse theories. Basically, they’re just a way to deny that the universe has the appearance of design. “The universe was not designed,” these scientists say. “It’s just that there are lots and lots of other universes, and we just happen to be in one that’s favorable to life.” But that doesn’t solve the metaphysical problem, does it? Where did all of these universes come from? Who established the rules within each universe? Who established the rules by which new universes are generated?”

Does the invocation of the multiverse hypothesis explain anything? Not according to Hughes! Where do our immutable, universal, and elegant laws come from? From an explosion – the Big Bang? Hardly! Explosions are unable to produce such things! What evidence do we have for a multiverse? None! What keeps the many universes from colliding with one another and self-destructing? Nothing! What generates them along with their accompanying laws? And what generates the generator?

To explain these things, we would have to postulate a god-like uncaused causer. Why not just take the easier explanation: Eternal God designed it all – life, the cell, DNA, the laws, consciousness, and the moral absolutes we find impossible to escape!

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