Sunday, October 12, 2014

“I Hope there is no God”

Donald Zolan

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is now lobbying an Oklahoma School District to remove a painting because it suggests that "real American children pray." Their attorney Andrew L. Seidel charges:

  • "It is our information and understanding that in the Kenneth Cooper Middle School office hangs a religious poster with an image entitled, 'Faith in America' by Donald Zolan. The image features two children with their hands clasped in prayer, with an American Flag background. The meaning could not be more clear, real American children pray." 

So what? What’s the offense? Promoting religion in the schools? Everything that a school does promotes its underlying values, much of them secularistic and adverse to the Christian faith! The atheist can promote his values, but the Christian cannot promote theirs. Why then the double-standard?

In contrast to this hypocrisy, NYU philosopher and atheist, Thomas Nagel, writes very honestly about his inexplicable “fear of religion”:

  • I want atheism to be true… I hope there is no God… I don’t want the universe to be like that.

Why not? He didn’t explain. Perhaps he is perplexed about his own deep-seated aversion. However, his perplexity mirrors that of others. One friend just confessed, “I wish I could believe like you.”

I jumped on what seemed to be a green light: “Well, let’s talk about it.” However, they never want to talk. Instead, they claim, “I just can’t believe.”

I see another green light and respond, “Your inability is no problem at all for God!” At this, they shift to another subject. It seems that they too are afflicted with Nagel’s “fear of religion.”

But where does this fear come from? A cousin related how she had experienced an incredible miracle. As a result, she instantaneously knew that God loved her. However, her joy was quickly replaced by an inexplicable fear. Why?

Frank Sinatra sang about the appeal of being a captain of his own ship. We want to be in charge. However, if there is a God, especially one who loves us, we fear that we can no longer be the captain and that the helm belongs to Another. Are we willing to make this sacrifice? No! It’s our ship, and we are intent on planning its itinerary. And the Claimant?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation conveniently denies that there is such a claimant and wants remove any sign of him, even a religious poster of children praying.

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